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Reception Learning

In Reception in Autumn 1 the children were able to use an Ipad to take a photo of their friends. They were able to navigate through the apps on the Ipad to find the camera app and then were able to click to correct button to take a photo


At Wheldon Infant School and Nursery, we aim to have a welcoming, calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere in school, in which everyone feels motivated and takes pleasure in their learning, utilising current ICT technology to engage and enhance learning across the curriculum and to embrace developing technologies with confidence and enthusiasm. The subject of computing is becoming more present in children and adults’ lives as technology grows and grows. We all use computing every day to communicate and present our ideas in a variety of ways. With the intense shift towards using computing in society, our curriculum intent is to prepare children for the technological world they live in. We ensure that technology is still a fundamental part of the early year’s classroom, even though the technology strand of the EYFS has been removed. We also ensure the National Curriculum is being taught progressively through carefully constructed progression maps, which allow teachers to understand the subject and shows the curriculum coverage across the school. Our progression map covers all strands of computing: Digital literacy, Information technology and Computer science. This allows children to access a wide range of computing knowledge, skills and vocabulary, which will deepen their understanding and engagement within the subject.

KS1 Learning 

In KS1 in Autumn 2 the children have been looked at programming toys. They had to give clear step by step instructions and check their work for any mistakes (debugging) 

Useful Documentation

 Computing Curriculum III.pdfDownload
 Computing Curriculum Map.pdfDownload
 Computing Policy 2021 -2022.pdfDownload
 Computing progression document.pdfDownload
 E-safety Policy 2021 - 2022.pdfDownload
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Please see below Wheldon's Online Safety tips for parents. It is a useful document to help ensure you can keep your child safe online.