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Our Core Safeguarding Principles: 

  • The school’s responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children is of paramount importance
  • Safer children make more successful learners
  • Representatives of the school community will be involved in policy development and review
  • Policies will be reviewed annually unless an incident or new legislation or guidance suggests the need for an interim review.
  • The school will work with other agencies and share information appropriately to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

 Child Protection Statement

We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. We will act quickly and follow our procedures to ensure children receive early help and effective support, protection and justice.

 Safeguarding Policy Principles

  • Welfare of the child is paramount
  • All children, regardless of age, gender, ability, culture, race, language, religion or sexual identity, have equal rights to protection
  • All staff have an equal responsibility to identify children who may benefit from early help and to act on any suspicion or disclosure that may suggest a child is at risk of harm.
  • There is a culture of transparency, openness and, if needed, challenge with regards to maintaining high standards in safeguarding.
  • Pupils and staff involved in child protection issues will receive appropriate support

 Safeguarding Policy Aims

  • To provide all staff with the necessary information to enable them to meet their child protection responsibilities
  • To ensure consistent good practice
  • To demonstrate the school’s commitment with regard to child protection to pupils, parents and other partners
  • To contribute to the school’s safeguarding portfolio

Research suggests that between 6-19% of school aged children will suffer severe maltreatment, and disabled children are three times more likely to be abused. Due to their day-to-day contact with pupils, school staff are uniquely placed to observe changes in children’s behaviour and the outward signs of abuse. Children may also turn to a trusted adult in school when they are in distress or at risk. It is vital that school staff are alert to the signs of abuse, both inside (e.g. bullying or staff grooming behaviours) and outside the school and understand the procedures for reporting their concerns. The school will act on identified concerns and provide early help, or support others to do so, to prevent concerns from escalating.

 Who To Contact

 If you have any concerns or queries about a child's safety please contact any of the numbers  below

 Mrs H McMullen - Safeguarding Lead -01977 553528 or headteacher@wheldon.wakefield.sch.uk

 Miss J Cummings -Deputy Safeguarding Lead -01977 553528 or jcummings@wheldon.wakefield.sch.uk

Miss D Kebbell - Deputy Safeguarding Lead -01977 553528 or admin@wheldon.wakefield.sch.uk

Wakefield Multi Agency Safeguarding Team (MASH) - 03458503503

Children's First Hub - 01977 724350

School nurse - 01924 310130 - https://wakefield.mylocaloffer.org/school-nursing-team 

Health visitor - 01924 310130 - https://www.betterliveshealthyfuturesbw.nhs.uk/information-zone/?service_area=health-visiting 

WESAIL / Family Action - 01924 965588 -https://www.family-action.org.uk/what-we-do/children-families/wesail/ 

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Safeguarding Policy 2021-22

Children's Safeguarding Policy

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