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Welcome to the Early Years section of our school website!

Here you will find out lots of information about our Nursery and Reception classes, we hope you find it useful! 


Here are some photos of our current nursery children learning through play...


Here are some photos of our current reception children learning through play...

Exciting news!

December 2021: We are currently getting our Nursery outdoor area developed, we can't wait to use our new equipment! This is how it has changed so far...

Learning Journey

In Nursery and Reception we use Tapestry, this is an online learning journal. Parents are able to link to their child's online journal and when their teacher records a "WOW moment" in school they can see this at home. Parents are also able to send observations from home of things they want to show their child's teacher. 

Please see the "documents" section at the bottom of this page for our Parent's Guide to Tapestry. 


Throughout Early Years we use Development Matters to support our  Early Years Curriculum. Our curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of our children using the documents above.This includes the Educational Programmes in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2021.

Marvellous Me

We use Marvellous Me to send out electronic badges for when children impress the adults in their class. This might be for working hard on an activity, for being a good friend, for improving on something they find tricky, for being polite and lots of other things! 

We also use Marvellous Me to send messages and reminders for example if there is a dress up day, if we have a trip or special visitor or to send an activity for children to try at home. 

Parents can sign up to Marvellous Me so they don't miss out on messages, activities and celebrations of their child's learning. 

Please see the "documents" section at the bottom of this page for our Parent's Guide to Marvellous Me.


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Early Years Policy 2021

Reception New Starters Meeting September 2022