Wheldon Infant School & Nursery

Nursery Class- Miss Southern

Summer 2- How does that building stay up?

In the event that our school has to close we have added a series of links below which your child can follow. Once your child has completed any work we would love to see photos on tapestry. In Nursery we believe the best learning comes through play and exploring so spend lots of your time sharing experiences with your child!



In Phonics throughout Nursery we always have a big focus on the phase 1 phonics also known as pre phonics. This half term we will be recapping our alliteration, rhyming and oral segmenting and blending skills. The poster below gives you an overview on how to support your child with phonics. 

To prepare children to learn the pure sounds and to begin to tune in with different sounds below are some FRED games. You can also have fun by adding FRED talking into your daily routine for example, asking your child to find their h-a-t and see if they can guess what you are saying. 

Read, Write Inc 


We will be starting our read, write inc sessions this half term. We will be learning sounds and the letters that represent them.

The sounds which we will be learning will be continuing to learn the set 1 sounds, please see the video below on how to correctly say the sounds.




As mathematicians we will be looking consolidating a lot of our previous learning from throughout the year. We will be looking at composition of numbers, patterns, comparing quantities and positional language. We will also be exploring what comes before and after a given number through number tracks.



 Shape pattern game 


Can you explore pouring and filling your own drink or cereal bowl? Can you determine if it is full or empty? Is it half full? or nearly empty. 

Can you explore the pictures below to use the positional language to describe where the teddy is on each of the photos? 


As writers we will be looking at recognising and writing our own names in Nursery this half term. Can you support your child at writing their own name? This could be on their pictures, in cards or on shopping lists. Start with the first letter to help your child recognise their own name. 

To develop our fine motor skills we will be doing regular dough disco sessions, follow the link below and have some fun at the dough disco! 


As readers we will be looking at a range of stories, thinking about the problems and solutions in stories. Whilst you are reading at home can you ask your child the following questions;

-Who are the characters? 

-What is the problem?

-What is the solution? 

-Would you change the ending? 

Below is a letter formations sheet which will help you support your child at beginning to write their own name.

We will also be looking at initial sounds, focusing on hearing the initial sounds in a range of words. Beginning to label our pictures with initial sounds relating to what we have drawn. Can your child draw a picture and label it with the initial sounds they can hear? 

Understanding the world- History

As Historians we will also be thinking about the past events we have taken part in throughout our year in Nursery. Can you children use the sheet below to draw their favourite memory from their time within Nursery? 

Expressive arts and design-   DT


We will be linking our Art and DT learning to collaging colourful houses. We will be junk modelling homes and buildings during our DT learning.


Can you child collect some items from around their home to junk model and create their very own building or house. Please upload onto Tapestry if you carry out this task, I would to see! 

Physical development

As movers we be looking at controlling a moving ball with our hands and feet. We will also be trying to manoeuvre balls using bats or other similar pieces of equipment. Can your child use a stick or a bat to control a ball in a given direction?