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At Wheldon Infant and Nursery School we teach a high quality, exciting PE curriculum that promotes a positive approach to physical activity, health and wellbeing. Children will learn about their body and how it moves and responds to physical activity. They will make links between being active, eating well and keeping their body healthy. We strive to create an environment where children feel safe and are encouraged to be aware of the importance of safety in P.E. but also to try new things and ‘have a go’.

Children will develop their fundamental skills in agility, balance and coordination enabling them to be physically literate. Children will refine their fine and gross motor skills by partaking in a range of physical activities and develop their core strength and larger muscle groups in a co-ordinated way.

Children will learn to cooperate and collaborate as part of a team or with a partner, helping each other to be successful. However they will also learn to take part as an individual in some of our competitive challenges. We practice our sportsmanship and fairness in all sessions, encouraging a positive response to all challenges even if we are not the winner.  We have frequent opportunity to take part in and compete with other local schools through close links with Castleford Academy.

Our curriculum is inclusive to every individual ensuring all learning is accessible to all children in our school, regardless of their level of physical ability or health. Children will be supported in developing an appreciation for their own and others capabilities.

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How can I help my child with PE?

Get excited about exercise! If you are positive about exercise your child will also have a positive attitude.

Guidance recommends children under the age of 8 should partake in at least three 6 minute sessions of vigorous activity per week, 2 of these sessions are covered in our PE lessons in school leaving you with one  lovely gap to fill at the weekend. It is great fun to go swimming, or on a bike ride or even just for a walk. 

You can create further excitement by adding challenge and competition into these activities, we all love a bit of healthy competition! Who can find the biggest stick on your walk to the park? Who can swim the width of the pool fastest? Who can jump the highest on the trampoline?

There are also lots of opportunities around the Castleford area to join sports teams and clubs. Our external agency who support our children in their PE learning weekly run sports clubs during the school holidays. Visit https://www.premier-education.com/parents/venue/courses/21891/ for more information.

Useful Documentation

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