Wheldon Infant School & Nursery


At Wheldon Infant School and Nursery we believe oracy underpins learning in all subjects and across all areas of learning. Our school is a language rich environment where children develop their linguistic, social, emotional and cognitive development. 

A progression document has been developed which shows clear progression in oracy from Nursery to Year 2. We used research from Voice 21 to plan linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional, and physical oracy development. Children have lots of opportunities to present and communicate to a range of audiences in a range of situations throughout the day. 


The progression document can be found below. 

Here are some common misconceptions which we encounter at Wheldon Infant School and the strategies we use to model the correct use of Standard English. 

Information for parents 

Below is a poster which shows some of the ways you can support Oracy at home - you probably already do lots of these without realising it is supporting your child's speaking and listening development.